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Dear Yuletide Writer
Hi! I am so excited for My First Yuletide as a writer and recipient (instead of just a lurker). So here's where I try to tell you a bit about the fandoms I picked and why and about me and my ficcish likes and dislikes and all that dread (I mean, fascinating and delightful) stuff.

I'm tempted to say that when it comes to fic, I like ALL THE THINGS, but that is not true. I do like lots of things, though some more in moderation than others. And hilariously enough (if you have a very particular sense of humor) I mostly like reading different things from the kind of thing I mostly write. As in, I read a lot of slash, followed by gen, but almost no het. I often like reading humor and crackfic more than moody first-person introspective character study (navel-gazing) pieces. I love reading plotty casefic! And long fic. Neither of which I can write. Andsoforth.

Things I do/don't like: some deathfic is good, but I don't really seek it out. I like shippy power differentials and certain kinks in, well, kinkfic and idfic, but not so much in most plotty or case fic. Gore, horror, guro, and vore, not my thing. On the other hand, when a fic is over the top, nonstop sweetness and light (especially when the canon isn't) it can be a bit much for me. Not a frequent fan of kidfic or really sugary curtainfic. Yet a certain amount of schmoop and h/c and emo and angst can be very enjoyable. And pining, in shipfic I find pining and longing (with happy ending) ever so tasty. What else? I tend to prefer superpowered AUs to depowered AUs. Subtle or subversive issuefic is cool, but I'm not fond of anvillicious issuefic. I love crossovers and fusions when I'm looking for a crossover or fusion, but often I just want a "one canon" fic (I'm hoping that someday AO3 will make it equally easy, with one click, to filter out crossovers and fusions as to find them when you are looking for them). I almost never love holiday-themed fic, whether it's Halloween or Valentine's Day or Major Winter Holiday; maybe only (and then still rarely) when the canon does something silly with it first. I don't like character-bashing, but I do sometimes like morally ambiguous protagonists. Another thing I really like in fic is believable character voices or or a good or interesting sense of what makes a character tick -- I enjoy and find credible quite a wide range of characterization for characters in fic, as long as the core sense of what makes that character tick or their core voice doesn't go entirely by the wayside. Of course this is all very subjective. (And run-on.) And I've read examples I liked in almost every category that I mention here I'm not a major fan of, and been left cold by fic that included many of the things I usually think I like. Sorry, not very helpful!

But so much for me and my ficcish interests. Onwards (in reverse alphabetical order) to the Yuletide fandoms I requested:

Survivors (2008 TV series)
This is the BBC remake from a few years ago of the 1970s (also BBC) version. Basic premise: Flu pandemic strikes, wipes out almost everyone, a very few people are immune/survive. The main characters are a small group of survivors in England who coalesce into a family. I liked this series a great deal for the ensemble and the premise and the plot and the relationships between the characters and their run-ins with antagonists, and, well, I just liked it a lot. Unfortunately it wasn't renewed for a third season and ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

If you're not familiar with the series but are curious, I highly recommend this Survivors vid: http://isagel.dreamwidth.org/272905.html

As characters in this fandom I requested Al, Naj, Tom, and Anya, but I liked all of the ensemble characters. And the "optional details are optional" part of my Yuletide request:
"Gen friendship fic about Al and Naj especially welcome, particularly with any themes around finding faith in family, coming of age, communities within communities, or such. Or found-family fic or gen teamy fic for not just Al and Naj but any of the "Family" characters. Or what happened to Tom after season 2 (BAMF!Tom completing his redemption arc?) or slightly prickly Anya interacting with Naj or pretty much anything that isn't too shippy would be great.
But pretty much anything family focused or focused on emotional bonds or the growing thereof between the characters -- the canon shippy relationships or the non-shippy relationships would be all joy. Or a missing scene. Or a post-canon fic. Or a fork-in-the-road AU. Or anything that explores some of the Family characters and this postapocalyptic world."

Proof (1991 film)
This Australian dark comedy stars young Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving, and Genevieve Picot, an Australian actress I haven't seen in anything else but who was very good in this. Weaving is Martin, who's been blind since birth but has been an obsessive photographer since childhood. (He can't see any of his pictures, which is what the plot hinges on.) Picot is Celia, Martin's housekeeper, who is cruelly obsessed with him and hates that he does not care for her. Crowe is Andy, a feckless young man who becomes Martin's friend. And there's Bill the dog, Martin's not quite as useful as he should be seeing-eye dog. Their interactions are a combination of twisty and sad and funny -- none of these people are heroes or pure of heart -- but Martin's attempt at learning to trust someone, the problems on the way, and eventual will to pick up and keep going are ultimately hopeful. And often hilarious.

The characters I requested were all three of the main ones and the key minor character: Martin, Andy, Celia, and Bill. The "optional details are optional" part of my Yuletide request:
"More like the film please -- maybe a missing scene or set (soonish or further) after -- Martin and Andy friendship, bonding, pre-slash or slash, with all the sharp edges and darkish humor of the film. And ideally maybe Celia as interesting but not exactly nice and outside and wanting in, or "look at your life, look at your choices" in retrospect. (Bill the dog is lovely but doesn't need to be more than a cameo, though if you want to make him a plot-device, a Macguffin, or to write the fic entirely from Bill's POV that's great too.)
Or, you know, if you watch Proof and think "what this really needs is an apocafic, where to survive, these three people must learn to get along much better than they ever have," something like that would be extremely cool too."

Haven (TV series)
Haven is fun! I like it for the premise -- every 27 years a spate of Troubles strikes a small town in Maine and a young woman mysteriously (re)appears to help the community with these Troubles -- the cast, including the minor characters, and the chemistry between the three main characters: Audrey Parker is the FBI agent become Haven town cop with that mysterious past who helps the Troubled, Nathan Wuornos is da Haven police, his Trouble is that he can't feel physical sensations... except for Audrey's touch, and Duke Crocker is the small-time smuggler, bit of a ladies man, and longtime (since childhood) rival to Nathan with a sometimes reluctantly good heart. Also, there's banter. And chemistry, did I mention chemistry?

The characters I requested were Audrey, Duke, and Nathan, and the "optional details are optional" part of my Yuletide request was:
"Anything with strong friendship between A&D&N or full-on OT3. (Season three, what are you dooooiiiing to the pure goodness of the OT3?) All three of them being awesome in their own ways while collaborating is especially great, casefic/Troublefic where they (eventually) work together well, h/c, drinking time/post-closing time at the Grey Gull or on Duke's boat, all fabulous. Maybe even an In Space AU (as long as there's still Troubles)? Or a "they're (slightly troubled) pandas" AU? So for this one a bit cracky/further out from the setting of the show while staying close to the soul/premise of the show could be entertaining too.
If a canon setting, anything from the past seasons and the current season that maybe has some plot and showcases the friendship (or more) between all three main characters -- including, if set in season three, how they get from not all getting along as well as they sometimes have to something solid and good -- would be very cool. Fix-it, missing scene, episode coda, futurefic, you name it. I also like the minor characters like Vince and Dave and Dwight and Claire and the rest a lot, having them show up would be neat. A happy ending/continued existence for Audrey would be very nice, but don't worry if that's not where inspiration takes you, fond remembrance (or happy but occasionally confused "I know we're missing something, what the heck is it?" amnesia) could be great too."

The Bletchley Circle (TV series)
This is a recent UK miniseries of three episodes, featuring four women who were at Bletchley Park during World War II, where they worked to help decrypt German signal traffic. After the war, bound by the Official Secrets Act, they couldn't tell anyone what they'd done during the war, so the people around them have no idea of their capabilities. The series is set in the early 1950s, with gorgeous costumes and production design, when one of the foursome, hemmed in by her life as a housewife, starts investigating what she suspects to be a serial killer and involves her former Bletchley Park teammates. Feisty sleuthing and competence kink galore!

The characters I requested were Susan, Millie, Lucy, and Jean, and the "optional details are optional" part of my Yuletide request was:
"Gen friendship fic showcasing how fabulous and complementary these characters are in any and all combinations, sets of two or all of them, whatever. If an idea for a casefic strikes you, that'd be lovely. WWII/Bletchley Park setting or TV-series "they meet again" era/setting both great.
But basically anything featuring the Circle (and their circles), the possible struggle to reconcile what they used to do in the War (use their brains and be relatively valued for it) versus the lesser level of appreciation they get afterwards, and even shipfic between any two of the four of them would be cool."

Is that enough? Or way too much?

In any case, thank you already, dear yule-author, for reading all of this! I will be incredibly excited to read whatever you decide to write. ♥